iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and whatever the future holds

Collectively, the Untold team has launched nearly a hundred apps on iOS and Android—from music players for startups to custom enterprise applications for major television networks. Whether you’re building a new business or seeking a made-to-order app to run your enterprise team, we’ve got your back.

We love to dive into difficult problems. Our breadth of experience spans low-level networking frameworks, real-time multiplayer games—even SDKs that are installed on millions of phones around the world. Because we know the whole stack, Untold can build everything for your product under one roof.

We’ve built apps for wearables like the Apple Watch, software for the Apple TV, and desktop applications for Mac OS X. And it doesn’t stop there: platforms are constantly emerging, so if you’ve got a great project for something brand new, we’ll take the leap with you.